Use Cases



Our customer needed a really fast acquisition and processing server allowing to sample and emit data up to 2.4 GB/s.
The data have then to be computed (FIR and other mathematical filters) before being stored directly in NVME PCIe disks.

All this development had to be packaged into an INTEL server (Intel S2600WT server computer) having to onboard new generation CPUs.


The data (containing exercising signals) is read from the NVME disks, formatted real-time and sent to the board via the PCIe interface, at 2.4GB/s. The data then passes in the FPGA through FIR filters and configurable up-sampling, to be emitted (Tx) in the board’s DAC at a higher frequency. The output is connected to the tested device.

At the other side, the signal comes back to the ADC of the X6-1000M board, to be acquired, passed through a FIR filter and down-sampled. That data is then transferred through the PCIe at 2.4GB/s, to be saved on 2 NVME disks, at a rate of 1.2GB/s each, with a way to process the data real time before saving it. Once saved, the data can be accessed for an off-line detailed analysis.