MagentaSys: is a commercial structure selling electronic hardware for physics labs, Industrial test and measure and OEM. The product range of the company is mainly based on data acquisition boards from Agilent and on SBC from MEN. This equipment can be sold separately or in bundle to provide complete solutions. Project managers of physic experiments, controls, industrial test benches and complex machines have to select a bus to plug the electronic equipment needed to run their applications. These busses are VME, PCI(e), cPCI, PXI and standalone. cPCI-serial, PXIe, AXIe are now recommended for new design.

History: Created in 2005, MagentaSys started by selling Acqiris equipment within Switzerland with a special focus on Physics (CERN, PSI, GSI, ETHZ, EPFL) and Industrial application (Novartis, Alstom). Growing year after year as a sales company, we are also focusing on integration and on customer support. Today, MagentaSys is certainly distributing the largest catalog of modular instrumentation with a strong focus on new standards like PCIe, PXIe AXIe but not forgetting the VME and the cPCI. From the fastest digitizers to the chassis, processors and Ios with integration services with strong knowledge of LabView and FPGAs, we are able to provide turnkey solutions (Test Bench, )to our customers.

Partners: With well known high-tech partners, Magentasys provides complete solutions to customers. The product range covers the needs in data aquisition, DSP applications and test systems for all major busses. Spectrum provides a wide range of mid-range Dacq and generators in PCI, PCIe or PXI format. General purpose boards, digital and analog IOs, chassis, switches, can be found from MEN and Geotest. Agilent and Innovative-Integration provide a full range of modular digitizers with or without huge DSP capabilities (Xilinx FPGA and/or Texas Instrument DSP on-board). These two companies are providing state-of-the-art electronic solutions for RADAR, ultrasonics, High-energy Physics, Vibration Measurements, LIDAR, Rockets, Astrophysics, and many other High-Tech domains. With a huge range of processors and IOs designed to be compliant with transportation standar, MEN is addressing a market from CERN to security and infotainment application for trains and airplanes!

Open positions: MagentaSys is always looking for talented engineers and sales engineers. Feel free to send your CV and contact info to sales at if you're interested.

The team:

Zoe Comtesse: Administration.

Fred Monney, John Papale, Engineering and support

Sylvain Bruderer, Sales and administration.