Products Briefs:

Magentasys is your specialist for modular electronic:

  • PCI, PCI-express, VME, VXI, USB, PXI, PXI-express, AXIe standard
  • Ultra-Fast Data Acquisition Systems up to 8 GS/s
  • Processor boards with PowerPC, Intel cores, Xeon
  • TDC, Arbistrary Waveform Generator up to 15-bit, 2 GS/s
  • Chassis
  • Fast Digital IOs for test and industral application

Software: All products available with a C/C++ API for efficient integration or with a LabView, MATLAB or LabWindow interface for easy control and calculations. Driver available for Windows, LINUX and VxWorks for all main products. Magentasys also propose top of the art test Bench software for instrumentations ATEasy

Application Briefs:

Widely used in control and instrumentation of all major Physic labs in Europe, CERN, DESY, GSI, our products are also used for a wide range of industrial applications like RADAR, LIDAR, Ultrasonics, plant safety, transportation. Everywhere when state-of-the-art electronic is required, MagentaSys can be found. i.e.: in the IT department of banks or Insurance for safer data transmission or for faster risk computation. Airplanes, trains and buses require GPS for passenger information and traffic management and a lot of ruggedized and efficient electronic equipment for safety and infotainement. You can find us from the top of the Alps for meteorological experiments to deep underground in the CERN LHC tunnels but also at the opera and more...

  Breaking News
  • We are now proposing software engineering, for your drivers or your MMI, just contact us!
  • New AXIe digitizer: 4-8 channels, 12-bit, up-to 3.6 GS/s. For more info, checkout the AXIe products.
  • MagentaSys is now representing Nallatech in Switzerland, Nallatech a full product range of FPGA cards in PCIe, designed to accelerate drastically your ethernet security, financial and high demanding computing applications .