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From now on, MagentaSys is proud to announce a new partnership with Geotest for the distribution of the products in Switzerland. With a full range of PXI (e) products Geotest is completing our huge range of products for the test and measurement and the embedded markets. Please checkout the products and partner pages for more info concerning the company and the products.


A602 Triple Redundant VME64 PowerPC The A602 is a 6U 64-bit VMEbus SBC with advanced safety features that realize the functionality of three redundant systems on a single board. Its complex FPGA-based design helps dramatically lower software development costs as it automatically manages the
system's triple-redundant processors and memory. The result: The system's redundant architecture is fully taken advantage of by software designed for a standard single-CPU board.

3U CompactPCI® PlusIO SBC CompactPCI® PlusIO (PICMG 2.30) is a 100% mechanically and electrically compatible extension of CompactPCI® (PICMG 2.0). It extends the current exclusively parallel interfaces by modern serial buses - CompactPCI® becomes CompactPCI® PlusIO. ...

3U CompactPCI® Memory Card Carrier The F217 offers a multitude of memory configurations.

3U CompactPCI® Universal Interface Board The F215 is a universal interface board.


PXI-2022/2020 high-density simultaneous sampling PXI DAQ boards. As the latest addition to ADLINK's extensive lineup of DAQ boards, the PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 provide 16-bit simultaneous sampling of devices at sample rates of 250 kS/s per channel across sixteen and eight channels, respectively. The PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 are ideal for applications that require simultaneous sampling over multiple channels, such as advanced physical research, radar, sonar, ultrasonic measurements, car engine test and aircraft noise monitoring. Incorporation of the high-density PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 saves space and reduces the cost of developing PXI systems with multiple simultaneous DAQ modules.