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MagentaSys: Your specialist for modular electronic

MagentaSys is a supplier of modular electronic providing:

  • COTS boards from its partners with a product range wide enough to cover the majority of any industry requirements.
  • YES!: A set of libraries developed to ease the integration and the maintenance of the hardware.
  • Development and Integration services, our engineers are able to design complex and demanding systems tailored for your particular needs.
  • The combination of a sale and engineering divisions that work together to provide an unrivaled level of support for the customers.

COTS products from partners:

YES! eases your life:

YES! : These set of multi-platform libraries provide you a hardware abstraction layer and all recurrent tools needed to integrate efficiently the supported boards. These libraries results in a single API compatible for all the boards. Thanks to this wrapper, you will spare a lot of time when you need to integrate your boards or upgrade your hardware.

The WaveCut tool: WaveCut is an application that allows to visualize tera bytes of data easily thanks to a powerful algorithm that displays a condensed image without losing any region of interest. It's also possible to zoom, to perform an FFT or to select and extract a portion of interest. This software is essential for custommers working with ADCs capturing big volumes of data. Windows and Linux are supported.

Our engineering team awaits to design custom systems for you:

Our development section handles software, hardware and FPGA projects. Some of the ones that make us proud are:

Data recorder / player: Thanks to our key partners, we became experts in very high throughput / low latency recording systems and servers. Please take a look at the SERVER VGS.

SSOCT system involving demanding signal processing: Another main application where we collaborated is an OCT system. This complex system involves knowledge in fast acquisition, physics, signal processing in FPGA and software development. OCT based on a swept source laser

Hardware I/O boards design: We have developed boards for scientists organizations like CERN or GSI. On these boards, every I/O could be input or output with the NIM / TTL or differential lines format. The boards are designed to forward a signal with wires up to 400 m! These boards are today on production and are used in labs.GSI FAIR Digital IO module